Cookout @ the office

Hello everyone!


We wanted to share our latest event at the office with all of you. It was a cookout for Labor Day, at which we had a blast!

While some were engaged in the meal prep, others were working hard on our latest project, Aquanox.
At the end, naturally, we had to test the product. 🙂

Dive in the short story about how it was done.


First of all, onions are a very important ingredient. Our main chef and his assistant did a well job at peeling & chopping. At this task they used special weapons: sunglasses (thanks to them no tears were shed) and a latex glove.

Now, let us introduce Bagyi, our main chef (our QA Tester who was in charge of the cooking in this case). He mastered the skill of preparing a magnificent paprikash.  The following photo shows how devoted he was at his latest task:

When the cook finished the cooking, we were all glad to do the QA testing this time. Serve & enjoy!

The testing was successful, the cauldron was left empty.


Thank you for your visit!

Until the next time- cheers! 🙂


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